Indipendent Power Producer



Ravano Green Power’s founder and management staff have been operating in the Italian hydro sectorsince 1994, having built 7 mini hydro power plants for a total power of 7MW in Aosta Valley, Piedmontand Liguria in North-West of Italy.

 The hydro sector, worldwide, is a durable source and still offers growth opportunities, especially in developing Countries. In fact, Ravano Green Power has taken this opportunity in Romania working through one fully 100% subsidiary.


A hydro investment, after being depreciated, can produce energy profitably and can last, if well maintained, for 100 years.


At present, Ravano Group owns 2 hydroelectric plants of a total power capacity of 2MW in Aosta Valley, through its subsidiary Idroelettrica Quinson.


The Ravano Power Group’s objective is to acquire projects, authorized or dismissed plants which can be empowered, both in Italy and abroad.

Ravano Green Power manages all the steps of theconstruction of hydro plants, respecting the environment. In particular, Ravano Green Power follows the entire process: project development, procurement of the authorizations, purchasing the hydro equipment, testing and connection to the grid.


Moreover, thanks to a team of internal engineers, Ravano Green Power follows ordinary and preventive maintenance with the best remote control software on the market.



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