A wind power plant consists of a group of aero generators of medium (600-900 kW) or large (> 1MW) size, arranged over the territory in order to better exploit the wind resource of the site; the aero generators are connected together electrically through underground conduits. The wind power plant is associated with a delivery car-station, which in turn is connected to the national grid.


The aero generators consist essentially of a car or nacelle, supported by a metal structure, which is connected to a rotor, which in turn consists of a set of blades mounted on a hub and designed to steal part of the wind’s kinetic energy, so as to transform it into mechanical energy.


When the wind blows the rotor spins, thus activating the electrical generator which, via a gearbox, functions to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The wind’s kinetic energy is transmitted from the rotor to a generator connected to the control and transformers which regulate the production of electricity and any network connection.


The electricity produced in the car is piped to the ground through electrical cables; the same thing happens to the signals needed to control the proper functioning of the aero generator.
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