Indipendent Power Producer



The decision to invest and operate in the production of wind power, has been driven by professional and business skills, knowing that wind power in Italy, as in many other European Countries, has assumed a key role among the different renewable sources since 1996 .


The production from wind power in Italy had an important development in 2011 reaching a total capacity of 6.737MW *, of which 950MW* was installed in 2011 and the sector employs about 30,000 people*.


Ravano Green Power has installed 3MW in Aosta Valley, through its joint venture St. Denis Wind (50% CVA – 50% RAVANO POWER).


The next construction will involve 25MW: 10MW in Apulia, and 15MW in Calabria, while other projects for 150MW are waiting for authorization.

Ravano Green Power projects are planned by qualified engineers with extensive experience in the sector and who have paid particular attention to minimising the impact on the environment where the wind towers are installed.


During the authorization period, Ravano Green Power cooperates with local authorities in order to find the most suitable solution for positioning its power plants respecting the standards required.


*APER-ANEV, February 2012



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