Indipendent Power Producer



Ravano Green Power is the second Italian player in the biogas sector.


The company operates mainly in Italy, through a team of internal engineers and a pool of local agricultural partners.


The goal is to extend its expertise to fast growing countries such as Romania, India, USA where corn can grow easely due to fertile land and availability of water.


The choice of investing and operating in the biogas business has been driven not only by environmental issues, but also in order to:


  • Optimize many problems linked to the management of agricultural wastes (agricultural biomass and animal wastes)
  • Allow a greater enhancement of agricultural production
  • Recover neglected countryside no longer fit for food production, creating new job opportunities.


As a producer of green energy from Biogas technology, Ravano Green Power has installed 5 plants of 1MW each reaching a total capacity of 5MW, mainly in the North West of Italy (Piedmont and Lombardy), where the production of corn is higher and the landscape well watered.


Ravano Green Power uses German technology with two fermenters of about 2,500m3 which use mainly corn (95%) and liquid manures; after 20 days of digestion at a temperature of about 40°C microorganisms produce a biological gas which has about 50 – 55% of methane gas.

The biogas is then purified before feeding the cogenerator of about 1,000kW which operates for about 7,500 hours per year.



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