Car Ports



The Solar PV shelters allow to take advantage of the parking spaces both to produce solar PV energyand to install sockets to load electrical cars.


This means that this technological equipment is a profitable solution to invest on an unused space producing and selling clean energy.


They are self-supporting structures, which can be easily installed anywhere, without any heavy infrastructure works.


Properly treated wood, galvanized iron, or aluminum structures ensure a high adaptability to the surrounding environment, and protect cars from different weather conditions.


Ravano Green Power can cover areas of different sizes, from a minimum of two cars to industrial centers and malls parking.


The projects are fully developed by our team and can be customized in terms of dimension, guidance and material selection. The combination of integrated structures and the possibility to install panels with high efficiency, allow to get a high return on investment.




High efficiency: The easy adaptability to the territory allows a wide range of technology solutions, going to also use high-efficiency panels to optimize production in small spaces.


Easy to install: The self-supporting structures and modular design allow to easily adapt the projects to each context.


Resistance: Structures designed by our technicians to be resistant in the years, provide energy and protect cars from every weather conditions.


Attractive Design: Elegant structures transform a nondescript parking in a sign for the business. Order, elegance and attention to the environment are other significantly benefits gave by the solar PV shelters
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