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Ravano Green Power, through its specialized staff of technicians, after an accurate analysis of different aspects to guarantee the highest performance and to maximize efficient energy productionopportunities over time, offers different solar technology solutions.
The main parameters to consider for designing and building the best solar plant are the following:


  • Surface: available space, structure (i.e. rooftops, buildings, car park, ground) and kind of soil
  • Grid: presence or absence, availability of high or medium tension grid, power capacity, availability of HT substation
  • Solar irradiation level
  • Temperatures
  • Investor needs (i.e. to use electricity to cover its own consumptions, or to generate and supply  electricity power).


The Company purposes only First Class and bankable PV modules and reliable innovative solutions like CPV (Concentrating Photovoltaic) or CSP (Concentrating Solar Power), ensuring economic and financial expectations of its clients.
Moreover, Ravano Green Power assures their reliability and safety, supplying tested and certified solutions with a set of standards universally accepted.


ImpiantoCentrale22 - 297,92kWp_TP_23 -hcpv Moduli ad alta concentrazione4 - csp concentrazione solare

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