Indipendent Power Producer



Ravano Green Power owns 20 photovoltaic power plants installed in Italy and in Romania. The goal is to continue to invest in the production of solar PV energy in countries where Ravano Green Power has already exported its business model and in others potential markets.


Solar PV systems are mainly managed through specific SPV(Special Purpose Vehicle), fully owned by Ravano Green Power; the Company is also open to partnership with private and institutional investors interested in creating JV.


The Ravano Green Power’ solar PV systems are built both on the ground and on industrial, commercial and public rooftops, on which the company owns the surface right for more than 25 years.


Ravano Green Power manages all the steps of the power plants construction, from project development to authorizations procedures, from procurement of the best materials through framework agreements with first class manufacturers, to the installation, testing and connection to the grid of photovoltaic plants. Moreover, thanks to its specialized team, Ravano Green Power carries out ordinary and preventive maintenance with the best remote control software on the market.






*updated 31-12-12

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