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Ravano Green Power also provides a complete Operation and Maintenance service led by its qualified and specialized staff, to guarantee the preventive, routine and extraordinary maintenance, assuring the correct operation of the plant.
In 2012 Ravano Green Power was managing 37MW photovoltaic plants of its customers.
An Operation and Maintenance service is a requirement demanded by every bank to provide funding, then it is necessary to rely on companies like Ravano Green Power, with the right technical skills and operational tools.
Moreover it is very important to rely on a professional O&M service provider as Ravano Green Power, so that the investment in solar PV produces effectively over the entire life of the system.
To satisfy the needs of its customer and ensure its reliability, Ravano Green Power signs maintenance contracts tailored to the project’s technical layout and provides support and immediate action to minimize downtime.


To respond to customer needs, Ravano Green Power offers maintenance contracts that include:


  •  a continuous check of all electrical (string combs, panels, inverters, transformer etc) and structural components,
  •  periodical panels cleaning,
  •  visual analysis of the security system,
  •  remote monitoring and plant performance,
  •  predictive maintenance and maintenance operations at certain times
  • a support and immediate action that minimizes downtime,
  • the use of qualified and skilled personnel in the planning and operation of the plant,
  • widespread presence of spare parts always available and at competitive costs

Operations & Maintenance Services




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