Italy is the second country in the world to reach 17GW* of installed capacity, becoming a benchmark for foreign countries. Ravano Green Power is proud to be a contributor to such a monumental accomplishment through the construction of 53MW** of solar PV plants, both for itself and for private and institutional investors.


Ravano Green Power, thanks to its reliability , quality of service offered and bankability, is one of the leading players in the solar PV sector, both in the domestic market and abroad:  since 2012, the Company has been implementing an international expansion plan toward the most promising foreign markets, establishing three subsidiaries in Romania, India, and the United States. This expansion plan is going ahead in Middle East, North Africa and in South America.


In this sector, Ravano Green Power operates as Independent Power Producer through its own power plants and as a Solar Service provider (Turnkey and O&M services) exceeding every client expectation by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.


*by the end of 31-01-2013
**by the end of 31-12-2012

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