Ravano Green Power knows how important the selection of qualified and affordable partners is, and for this reason we continuously establish framework agreements with first class technical, financial and commercial partners.


Technical partners

Ravano Green Power employs only bankable components, offering the most advanced technologies,certified and safe materials with the best warranties. This enables both RGP and its clients, to satisfy their respective high standards, especially in terms of their economic and financial expectations, maximizing the performance of the plants over time

International framework agreements drawn up with the main suppliers, have allowed Ravano Green Power to be an extremely competitive service provider, ensuring high quality standards.


Financial partners

Thanks to its financial and technical strengths, together with a long history in the industry, Ravano Green Power has established relevant agreements with the most important banks and leasing companies, aimed at obtaining financial facilities for its own projects and for its customers.

Ravano Green Power operates with professional, technical and financial expertise , ensuring profitable investments and by offering it’s clients the same level of commitment the Group has towards its own investments.


Commercial partners

Ravano Green Power, in order to give the appropriate support to its customers, selects and employs only the most skilled and qualified commercial partners and agents, to guarantee best results of the service provided.

Across the board, Ravano Green Power has created a local network of technical and commercial capabilities providing customised services solutions in order to satisfy every client expectation.




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