Business Areas

Independent Power Producer

The contribution of Ravano Green Power to clean energy production development is both a matter of environmental responsibility and an investment opportunity, due to relevant programs of policy at a national and international level.


The Ravano Green Power plants are mainly located in Italy and in Romania, but the business plan includes new investments in other markets, ranging from those in the countries where the subsidiary companies are located, to further potential ones like MENA.


The Group owns 35MW with 28 power plants powered by sun, wind, biogas and water.

 The annual production is 83GWh, corresponding to the consumption of 33.000 households, with a saving of 49.000 tons of CO2.


Solar Service Provider

Thanks to the experience gained through its own plants construction, and to the new policies incentivising energy efficiency, Ravano Green Power offers its competences to clients as a service provider supplying added value in terms of both electricity production and energy saving.


Through its qualified and professional team, the company supports its clients operating locally as:


  • Epc Contractor, offering the turnkey service to design and build solar PV plants (crystalline modules, thin film modules, high concentrating photovoltaic modules) and CSP (concentrating solar power) systems
  • O&M (Operation and Maintenance) service provider, to manage ordinary, extraordinary and preventive maintenance of the solar plants.


Energy Efficiency Service Provider

Ravano Green Power offers a range of energy efficiency solutions to Public Administrations, residential buildings and commercial and industrial areas, thanks to the Energaia acquisition.


Moreover, Ravano Green Power offers as E.S.Co. many services and products to optimize energy consumption and drastically reduce electricity and heat bills.

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